From 12 th to 17 th December in Marijampoles vaiko teviskes namai had hosted the week of "The opened doors"

From 12th to 17th Dec, 2011 in Marijampoles vaiko teviskes namai was "The opened doors week". Everybody was invited to visit the institution, to know better our community and it's events.

Institution was visited by lots of visitors, also our neighbours from Poland. The lithuanians gymnasium's "Ziburys" team from Seinai, PL had arrived with a full car of presents, which they had shared with the children.

The main event was hosted in 14th Dec. A lot of visitors had started to arrive at 14.00 h. We could of saw the representatives of Vilkaviskis diocese, Marijampole municipality, Liudvinavas and Budvietis eldership, Marijampoles college, Prisons departament and a lot of others.

Director was here to welcome all the guests. Later, the guests were lead by Marijampole's college students - volunteers. They've visited families and the after school activities, which are taking a part in Marijampoles VTN thanks to Kinderdorfer in Litauen team from Germany.

Priest rev. Donatas Jasulaitis and children of MVTN.

Marijampoles Petro Kriauciuno library had hosted the discussions of "Opened doors week" part. Introduction was made by priest rev. Donatas Jasulaitis. Director V. Sulinskas with his assistent Ona Misiukeviciene had presented the institution's activities of year 2011.

Positive opinion about Marijampoles vaiko teviskes namai were told by Marijampoles municipality's Social aparts departament's director Daiva Pankauskiene, LR Prison departament's Director's assistant and ex mayor of Marijampole - Marijampoles municipality's controler Juozas Vaiciulis.

The main problem of these days is negative public's thoughts about children homes in Lithuania. So it took the major part of discussions time. This problem cannot be solved in one week, but Marijampoles vaiko teviskes namai is ready to take more time building a strategy of solving this problem in next - 2012 year.

Public relations' specialist
Povilas Sulinskas