Marijampolės vaiko tėviškės namai (Marijampole Children’s Family Home) is a non-profit NGO (non-governmental organization) which takes care of custody of orphans and homeless children as well as creates a system of orphan custody and education on the basis of a natural family model. Viesoji istaiga Marijampolės vaiko tėviškės namai operates pursuant to laws of the Republic of Lithuania, resolutions of the Government, other legislations valid in the Republic of Lithuania, decisions of founders. The institution was founded on 3 November 1997 subject to Decision of Charity Foundation “Vaiko tėviškės namai”. Pursuant to Decision of General Meeting of Members of Charity Foundation “Vaiko tėviškės namai” of 30 November 2003, functions of the Institution Founder were transferred to the Curia of Vilkaviškis Diocese.

How do the children live?

Currently 105 children live here, at the 11 houses of Marijampolės vaiko tėviškės namai located by the road to Kalvarija. One family now lives in Kaunas region, Domeikava <more info coming soon...>

Naturally, this number constantly changes. Some of them come here form residential nurseries or families, sometimes being very young, others step on to the road of their independent lives as they turn eighteen.

Children live as foster families at cosy houses, usually 8-9 children at each house. The children residing at foster home have a home environment created for them where each child feels as a necessary, beloved, safe family member, therefore, he or she may grow up as a fully-fledged person. A social worker lives at each house and the little ones gently call her “mother”.