Groups and sessions functioning at the institution:

  • English Language Group
  • Pottery Group
  • Needlework Group
  • Music Group
  • Sport Groups
  • Fine Arts Therapy Sessions


A window to a child’s world during Fine Arts Therapy

Artistic expression means become more popular, therefore, they are practicable at VsI Marijampolė Children’s Family Home. Besides needlework, pottery, music groups children have a possibility to participate in fine arts therapy sessions for the second year already. This activity allows knowing various maturity, feeling, communication moments better through the creation of children.

Fine arts therapy sessions are attended by junior school age foster children at cosily furnished library premises once a week.

Here they develop their creativity, try various artistic expression measures, learn to be together in line with games. Each session has a particular subject, fine arts methods are constantly varied, various art forms are combined (play, music, narration etc.). A lot of various fine arts consumables are used which are donated by Charity Foundation “Vienybė”.

What does attract children at this activity? Almantas (11 years old) has been attending fine arts therapy sessions for the second year and claims that “it is fun to be here because we play and draw”. Meanwhile Laura (9 years old) “likes fine arts therapy because it feels good and it is fun”. Karolina (8 years old) likes playing and browsing through books. Children are fascinated by freedom for creativity, experimentation with measures, variety of games, social plays, activities in nature, subjects selected spontaneously taking into account expectations.

Participants of sessions willingly help each other to remember the rules, listen to narrations about a picture, the drawing itself and plans, initiate games.

When a child observes his creation, it is as if he or she sees a new world of cognition full of discoveries and secrets. It is great to feel that fine arts therapy is a great journey which involves thinking, imagination, experience of communication of each participant.

Edita Vosylienė