Administration of the institution consists of: Director, Deputy Director for Social Educational Work, Chief Accountant, Administrator, social educators, Head of Maintenance Department, Agronomist.

The institution is directed by the Director and all employees of Marijampolė VTN (“Marijampolės vaiko tėviškės namai”) are under his/her subordination. Director of the foster home represents the institution in all other institutions and takes responsibility for work results thereof, initiate preparation and implementation of annual activity programme of the foster home, takes care of intellectual, material and financial resources of the foster home, occupational and civic safety, fire safety.

Deputy Director for Social Educational Work organises social educational work at the institution, coordinates the activities of social educators, mothers-social workers as well as aunts-assistants of social workers, initiates, organises and coordinates the activities of various teams.

Social educators are responsible for provision of social educational assistance to foster children, implementation of preventive activities, communication and cooperation with personnel, social partners of the institution.

Chief Accountant implements all financial accounting of the foster home and controls whether work, material and financial resources are used rationally and economically.

Head of Maintenance Department takes care of material resources of the foster home, rational use of premises and preparation for work, sanitation, hygiene thereof, organises the work of maintenance staff, organises public procurement.